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Our aim at Tiny Sites Is to offer clients the most cost effective web design solution possible, and client satisfaction.
To ensure clients have access to other professional services that might be needed, we have obtained direct access to copywriters, photographers,
graphic designers. These services will incur an additional costs, but in some cases this is the best option to make the clients website stand out from the crowd. In addition using these services can be a more cost effective solution for the client, as the client can concentrate on running their business.

During the whole development stage we keep the client in the loop, and ask the client to sign off every stage of the development process once satisfied.

  • Consultation

    The first stage of any website it to find out what is requires, and work out the best solution to deliver.

    This is when the client choses the template for the website, and briefs with the how it will look. We then work through the new website page by page until everyone is happy,
    then we produce a consultation report for the client to sign off

    There is a small fee for the consultation which is deducted off of the final clients invoice if we construct the website.

  • Consultation Report

    The consultation report gives a complete breakdown of the website Project, and the total cost involved.
    This will also include any third party solutions that have been agreed with the client. If there are any additions or changes will need to be done at this stage, and then an amended report will be produced

    Once the consultation report is signed off the client has the option to continue with us or take the report to another developer.

  • Document Gathering

    To ensure the client's website is delivered quickly preparing all documentation for the website pages is important, and we recommend undertaking this after the consultation. So once the draft website is completed, and signed off we can complete the project promptly.

    The client need to ensure that everything is loaded onto a thumb drive in folders relevant to the pages of the website.

  • WebSite Layout Development

    The website under construction is undertaken on our development server, and the client will be given the address of their website so they can see the progress. During the website layout stage we start with the way the site looks, and how it interacts. This is also when changes can be made if required.
    During this stage no client content is used, but we fill the content areas with Lorem Ipsum and stock images to give the client a visual impression of how the website will eventually look.
    Depending on what website platform the client has chosen for their website after the Consultation :
    Flat html5 website.
    Content Management System.
    Blogging System.
    E-commerce System.
    Will determine how interactive options are implemented, and how they are configured. We undertake a tasteful implementation of systems plugins, and html embedded code to make the clients website standout but not to overwhelm the clients audience.

    Once the client is happy, and has signed the website layout off we then move to the final development stage.

  • WebSite Finalisation

    Once the client is happy with everything, we combine the website elements with the client's documents to produce the final website.
    This is when any final changes are made to the site before publication.

  • WebSite Publication

    The publication of a clients website is important to us, and we prefer to undertake this as part of the process. This allows the team to ensure everything goes smoothly, and they can rectify any server side issues promptly.
    However if the client wishes to undertake this process themselves, we will supply their website on a media disc for them to upload.

    We are also able to provide low cost hosting space for clients if required, and dedicated servers for the websites that need high demand setups.

  Photographers and Video specialists

  Copy Writing Service

We work closely with Cloud Engineering, and Lamp Stack Mechanics.
To provide the best service as possible, and client satisfaction.
We also recommend Ox4Hosting for our client hosting, as they provide a low cost flexible hosting service.