About Us

What are we all about?

Who are we?

Tiny Sites are a small development company with a big reach. Based in Oxfordshire we have clients throughout the UK. We have successfully provided web orientated solutions to a diverse range of Organisations and industries including Training and Consultancy, Design, Media, Photography, Small organisations and more. The team at Tiny Sites have over 30 years experience within the IT sector. We have experienced first hand the advancements in the technology used to build the Internet and have seen how businesses are affected by it. It is this experience that influences everything that Tiny Sites undertakes. We have multiple skill sets in web development, graphics and networking to name a few. During this time, the team have worked on basic single page web sites to the multi-location e-commerce websites, and custom coding. Tiny Sites was established to guide businesses through and provide solutions for an ever-changing fast paced Internet. So how can we help your business?

Here at Tiny Sites we believe that most small businesses looking to have a website for the first time, do not want to spend vast sums of money on something they are not sure will work for them.
With this in mind our team will help every new client chose the best solution for them as they set out on the world wide web adventure. We have seen first hand small businesses spend vast sums of money on websites they neither needed or could afford, all because small business owners has seen all the amazing things that can be done on the web, and wants the lot.

Why Choose Us?

With every new project undertaken we sit down with the client and work through the dust storm of ideas and options to work out the best way to progress with their new website, and if we notice things are getting out of control we will advise the client of our concerns. It's not in our clients or our best interest to have a clutters un-manageable website for everyone to see, and would rather intervene before costly mistakes have been made.

If you have read this far you might be wondering why should I choose Tiny Sites to build my website when I can build it myself with many build it yourself services that are available?

There many reasons why choosing us is the better choice, and these are some of the issues of building websites on self build systems,
and hope that everyone who reads this page undertakes a little more time in planning their new website.

  • Cost

    Not only the time spent away from running your business whilst you build your website is loosing you revenue, also the yearly cost of keeping the site live is adding to the mounting expenditure .
    Every year your build it yourself website is live you will pay upto £287.00 plus any price changes.
    Tiny Sites charge a one off fee to build your site, and charge a nominal fee when changes are requested by you the client. The only time we would charge full price would be on a complete website rebuild.

  • Impression

    You're proud of what you business offers, and you want your website to portray this.
    You have decided the build it yourself avenue, gathered everything needed, pictures, content to write, and you are ready to start.
    You read the help documents, and get lost in the jargon so you hit the forum for more advice. By now total confusion has set in, and because your stuck in a contract you end up putting your content up on the pages hoping its in the right order showing your business off outshining the competition.
    One thing you will not be informed of when you sign up, is to get best results in the website construction phase you will need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. At Tiny Sites we plan all website builds in stages starting with a consultation to the development, and finally publishing the site.
    During every stage of the website build our clients are kept in the loop, and the website will not move to the next stage until the client is happy.

  • Responsive

    Is the webpage template you have chosen Responsive? or do you make compromises because the template you like are not Responsive.
    As standard, all the websites we build are Responsive, using the latest HTML and CSS specifications.
    This ensures that all of our clients websites are mobile compatible right from the outset.

Development With

We work closely with Cloud Engineering, and Lamp Stack Mechanics.
To provide the best service as possible, and client satisfaction.
We also recommend Ox4Hosting for our client hosting, as they provide a low cost flexible hosting service.