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Welcome to Tiny Sites - We Build Low Cost Professional Websites!

Thought about a website, but not sure it will work for you?.

Tiny Sites would be the logical choice

Have you thought about getting a web presence for your business?
Tiny Sites small in name big in what we do. During every stage of your project, we are here to bring it to life.
We start with a consultation, to find the most practical solution for you. The team look at the consultation, and create a consultation paper for you based on what you have told us.
You then have the choice to appoint us to work on your project, or you can appoint someone else.
Some of the solutions we provide:


Tiny Sites are a small development company with a big reach. Based in Oxfordshire we have clients throughout the UK. We have successfully provided web orientated solutions to a diverse range of Organisations and industries including Training and Consultancy, Design, Media, Photography, Small organisations and more.

Our Clients

"With a little bit of smart coding by us, all the hard work is done."
- One click you site is ready to go.